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Majalah Ilmiah Pelita Ilmu

Journal TitleMajalah Ilmiah Pelita Ilmu
ISSNE-ISSN: 2656-8977 || P-ISSN: 2656-4467
DOI PrefixPrefix 10.37849 by Crossref
Editor in ChiefAlifian Nugraha
PublisherSTIA Pembangunan Jember
Type of ReviewBlind Review
Citation AnalysisGoogle Scholar indexGoogle Scholar Profile

Majalah Ilmiah Pelita Ilmu is a community service journal published regularly 2 times a year which contains six community service articles each published. Pelita Ilmu Journal is expected to be a medium for findings, innovation, and the application of social science in administration supported by practitioners in the field of administration.

The Majalah Ilmiah Pelita Ilmu is published annually in June and December by the Jember Management STIA Pembangunan Journal. The editorial team invites social science observers to express ideas on the results of research-based community service activities in order to improve self-professionalism and responsibility for national education. This journal was first published in June 2017 with the identity of the issue of Vol 1 No 1 (2017).


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Majalah Ilmiah Dian Ilmu

Dian Ilmu Scientific Magazine Published as a media of information on the results of research studies and scientific articles in the field of Business and Public Administration. Journal is published and managed by the Jember College of Administrative Sciences. This journal was registered in the ISSN portal with the number e-ISSN: 2620-7451 p-ISSN: 0853-2516

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