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Author Guidelines

Tittle(12pt Bold)



author's name * 1

author's name 2 (12pt Bold)

1,2Institution / Affiliate (12pt)

* 1 


Abstracts written in Indonesian are good and correct. Abstract is written using Times New Roman font, 12pt font size, single spacing, bold, and right alignment. Abstracts must contain less than 250 words (please use the word count function to count your words).

The abstract section must contain the main problem of dedication, the main purpose of the service, the population and sample, the method of analysis (simple explanation), and the findings obtained and the conclusions.


Keywords: separated by commas, containing 3-5 keywords, in Indonesian


The situation analysis contains the background of the problem, a brief description of the literature review of the pre-existing service (state of the art), to show the limitations of previous devotion, what things are trying to achieve, and show the novelty of the article. The background must be relevant and conveyed systematically, the purpose of service must be clearly written. The typeface used in the body of the article is Times New Roman 12 with 1.5 spaces. Quotations are written in an indirect quote (paraphrased).


Literature review contains a systematic description of the information on the results of the service that has been done by previous researchers that are relevant to the service to be performed. This section contains the strengths and weaknesses that may exist in the previous service which can be used as an argument that the service that will be done is to improve or develop the previous service. This section also contains a theoretical basis in the form of a summary of theories taken from literature that supports service, and contains an explanation of the basic concepts and principles needed for problem solving. The theoretical basis can be in the form of qualitative descriptions, mathematical models, or tools that are directly related to the problem under study. The bibliography referred to in this section must be included in the sentence / statement referred to and in the Bibliography. The literature review is written in Times New Roman 12 with 1.5 spaces.

Use of subtitles in literature review as needed. Example:

2.1  Sub-section (if any)

2.1.1        Sub-sub section (if any)


The concept of problem identification is the process and outcome of problem recognition or problem inventory. In other words, problem identification is one of the service processes which is arguably the most important among other processes. The problem of dedication will determine the quality of a service, even it also determines whether an activity can be called dedication or not. Service problems in general can be found through literature review or through field observations (observations, surveys), and so on. written in Times New Roman letters 12 spaces 1.5.


The purpose of the activity to direct and focus the activities to be carried out is written in Times New Roman letters 12 spaces 1.5.

How to Present Images

Images are numbered in order of presentation (Figure 1, etc.). The source of the image is written below the image. The image title is placed under the image with the center position (center justified) as shown in Figure 1 below. The description of the picture must be written in the narrative of the article.


Figure 1. Image Title

 Source: author processed data


How to Present Tables

Tables are numbered in order of presentation (Table 1, etc.). The source table is written under the table. The table is written in Times New Roman with 12 single spaces. The table title is written at the top of the table with a center justified position as shown in Table 1 below. Explanation of the table must be written in the narrative of the article.

Table 1. Percentage of cooperatives that have rolled mats


District name

Registered cooperative

An active cooperative

The cooperative that has closed down

Percentage (%)



73 units

12 units

61 units

61/73 * 100% = 83.6



62 units

7 units

55 units

55/62 * 100% = 88.7



24 units

11 units

13 units

13/24 * 100% = 54.2




30 units



Data source:    Jember Regency Cooperatives and UMKM Office (2016) and observations as of January 2019


How to Write Math Equations

The mathematical equations are written clearly in the Microsoft equation. The formula is written indented 1 cm and is numbered like the example of Equation (1) below. The explanation of the equation must be written in the narrative of the article. 

......................................... (1)


The benefits of the community service program are written in detail in accordance with the activity program and written in Times New Roman letters 12 spaces 1.5.


The problem-solving framework is a series of procedures and steps in service that aims to get structured stages systematically, so that research can be carried out effectively and efficiently and written in Times New Roman letters 12 spaces 1.5.



Audiences who are the target of community service activities, and written in Times New Roman letters 12 spaces 1.5.


Contains a description of the method of implementation in service activities and is written in Times New Roman letters 12 spaces 1.5.


Identification process to measure / assess whether an activity or program is implemented according to plan and has succeeded in achieving its goals or not. Evaluation is done by comparing the final result with what should be achieved. It is written in Times New Roman letters 12 spaces 1.5.



Bibliography written in Times New Roman 12, space 1, hanging paragraphs. Everything that is referred to in the text is included in the list of references and everything that is in the list of references is indeed referred to in the text. Bibliography must contain relevant references derived from primary sources (scientific journal articles and a minimum of 60% of the total bibliography) and published in the last 10 (ten) years.

Writing the manuscripts and citations referred to in this manuscript is recommended to use reference applications (reference managers) such as Mendeley, Zotero, Reffwork, Endnote and others. Bibliography writing format uses APA 6th Edition (American Psychological Association).




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